To be an S.H. tutor you need...

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A Laptop with camera

A reasonably good laptop with a camera. A headset is also advisable. A good internet connection with a high bandwidth. Fibre optic preferable

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A tablet pen

In each unit, you will need to present a small amount of information, via the screen. The pupils will copy this into their workbooks

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A quiet place to work

You will need a place to work without disturbances. With effective lighting. Drinking coffee or tea is OK but no eating

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A good level of English

You will need to understand the instructions for each unit and follow them. In addition you have to clearly explain activities to English speakers. You will need Level B2 or higher

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To be patient

This goes without saying. Many of our pupils tend to be older learners who are learning a language for the first time. So you may need to go slowly, repeat things and be very patient and encouraging

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To follow our curriculum

The pupils are paying for a course. It is IMPORTANT that you follow the course curriculum TO THE LETTER, unit by unit. If you do this you will find your task very easy and enjoyable.

We will provide...

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Access to the Tutor Zone

Access to our password protected tutor zone where you will find the material required for presenting each unit. This includes presentation skeletons for every unit and all the cognitive drills

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Workbooks for each pupil

For each block there is a set of workbooks. We will supply hard copies to each pupil for a small fee. You will help the pupil complete the worksheet during the presentation phase of the lesson

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Detailed Instructions

There is a detailed lesson plan for each unit. This is easy to follow and is based on presentation - drill practice - presentation - drill practice. It is a simple format that keeps pupils focused

Delivering an online class

Create Folder for Skeletons

Create a folder on your desktop to which you can download skeletons

Download Skeletons

Make sure all skeletons for your lesson are downloaded. Do this BEFORE THE LESSON

Open all skeletons in Paint

The skeletons may download in windows photo viewer. Make sure you open in PAINT not in windows viewer. You cannot edit in windows viewer

Font and type size

Make sure you set the correct font and size BEFORE THE LESSON STARTS. We recomend Segoe print, blue and about size 26

All skeletons open

Make sure that all the skeletons are open and ready for use BEFORE THE LESSON STARTS

Always use PAINT

Do open skeletons in the browser and use the anotation tool. This consumes bandwidth and is graphically limitating. ALWAYS open the paint file on your lapto/PC

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