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primary school teacher giving spanish lessons to pupilsexcusrion to segovia while learning spanish in valladolid


In an ever-diverse classroom, knowing how to communicate in Spanish can be a game-changer. It's possible that you're a primary school teacher who is required to teach Spanish but perhaps your level is not what it could to be. If that is the case [and it is not uncommon] our online Spanish classes at Salamanca House are the perfect solution. These classes are designed to provide teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach Spanish effectively in a primary school classroom.

Course Overview

Our online Spanish classes for primary school teachers are tailored to meet the specific needs of educators who want to improve their Spanish language skills. The course is structured to provide a comprehensive and practical understanding of the language, including grammar, regular and irregular verbs, verb conjugation, gender in nouns, articles and adjectives, prepositions of space, useful house and classroom vocabulary, cultural insights and MOST IMPORTANTLY pronunciation and conversation skills.

DELE Program

Our curriculum follows the DELE program from A1 through to B2/C1 [following the common European Framework for Languages]. Depending on how many classes you have per week, and how hard you practice, you can expect to take about two years to reach B1 from absolute beginner. Any teacher who has attained this level [Approximately A level] should be relatively confident about teaching Spanish at primary school level. Of course, you do not have to take the exams if you do not wish to but the cerificate does look good on your CV and progressing through the DELE system is a great way to push yourself and improve. Your domination of the language may not be perfect, but it does not have to be. REMEMBER that through the internet you now have a vast amount of sophisticated online materials at your fingertips that you can use to help your children progress even though you are not at an advanced level yourself. What is important is that you have a reasonable understanding of how the language functions.

Spanish lessons In Castilla

We also offer you the chance of learning Spanish in the heart of Castille while staying with a Spanish family. These highly intensive but enjoyable courses offered by our partner academy in Valladolid are a great way to turbcharge your Spanish although we thoughrougly recommend that you get a reasonable foundation inorder to make the most of the experience.

take guided tours of the old town while studying spanish in valladolid
Learn Spanish in Castilla

Boost your Spanish while learning with our partner academy in Castilla Y León. One of the most renowned language schools in Spain with many years of experience.


spend time with a spanish family while learning spanish in catilla
Stay with a Spanish Family

A great opportunity to immerse yourself in Spanish culture by living, eating and building friendships with a Spanish family while you study and boost your level of Spanish still further.


excusrion to segovia while learning spanish in valladolid
Be blown away by the culture

While on your course you can choose to visit bodegas, museums, exhibitions or castles. Sample the rich scenery, geography and history of this marvellous region of Spain.



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